Hello friends,

This new book was inspired by Anthony Tullo.  I am blessed to have worked with him.

This was a particularly difficult journey for me because Tony suddenly passed away less than halfway through the writing of it.

I know he is listening to oldies on a cloud, likely reading aloud to everyone around him. ​

P.S. Tony, thanks for giving me such praise and inspiration. 
​I miss you.​​


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Following the road less traveled....
Nothing compares to the serenity of the country with its intoxicating aromas and touch of God’s hand. Still, my heart soars when I walk down the streets of New York City. It’s the most magical and electric place I know. Here you can find the greenest blades of grass pushing through cracks in the concrete to reach the light of day. They are made of resilience and grit. That is what I admire most, the way something so soft and gentle can conquer the odds and reach for the sky. That is where I grew up, that is who I am, and that is how I made it here.

This is where you come in. You are the real wonders, the ones who let written words inspire and thrill you. You jump into the pages like a child into a lake on the first day of summer and you don’t come out until you have gone from cover to cover.  Oh...

I have embarked on another journey.  It may
be a sequel, a children's book, who knows?
I'm never sure until I look behind me​...
After all, ​I'm following footprints.