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John McMahon

Hi, John the nurse here. I just wanted to say it was nice to meet you! (When Pigs Fly; A Journey Home)

Rob Adams

Susan, it was a pleasure meeting you at the CIATS & EXPO this weekend in Edison, NJ. 

Carol D. from CT

I hardly ever do reviews but after reading this book I was prompted to write a comment. This is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. It is ironically enlightening. Instead of the sadness that comes with the unknowing of death, the focus is on the joy of eternity, the promise of a better place, and the absence of the negativity that often is experienced in our lives on earth. I would highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with the uncertainty of a serious or terminal illness. Carol... (When Pigs Fly: A Journey Home)

Kathi Hummel

Congrats on this wonderful book, Susan! I was so glad I got to attend your book signing and hear the discussion about this book as well. I look forward to the next book!!! Keep up the great work. (When Pigs Fly; A Journey Home) 

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Book One

When Pigs Fly; A Journey Home

Christian Fiction/Fantasy

A young girl's journey to and through


Book Two

The Pope and The Prostitute

Intrigue, murder, and abuse of power plague two young siblings 

during WW II

Audrey Caputo

It made me cry. I finally understand what the Bible tells us is our destiny, when we die.  It takes the fear of dying and losing loved ones away. Thank you for such a wonderful book. (When Pigs Fly: A Journey Home)


Janet Carry

Thank you so much for a wonderful book, heartwarming and very inspiring. This would be such a blessing to someone who has a sick child... (When Pigs Fly: A Journey Home)


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Joanne P.

Thank you for writing such an interesting book! Every page was such an adventure and the twists and turns were great. I love the spiritual thread that ran through its entirety. The title grabs you and doesn't let go. (The Pope and the Prostitute)