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Susan M. Fries

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I'm a New York City girl and, like most native New Yorkers, I do things with a fierce passion. I'm impulsive and sometimes a little too opinionated about the world around me and even more so about its creator. I find His beauty in everything; the way rain glides down the leaf of a tree, and morning sunrises that are as different each day as snowflakes. That's not to say I walk around clicking my heels with a skip, jump, or crazed grin on my face all the time, it means I truly see the world I live in. I have trials just like you. I had no choice but to learn from them and move on; experience taught me that. Those challenges developed character, the kind that defines who we are. 

My writing journey is still in its infancy, so I'd like to invite you to come along for a spiritual ride. Let's find out where the journey leads, page by page, story by story. Every day is a blank canvas yet to be written.   

Photo by Danny Peragine

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