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Susan M. Fries

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I'm a New York City girl and, like most New Yorkers, I do things differently and maybe, a little too directly. I'm impulsive, and fiercley passionate about the world around me and even more so about its creator. I find beauty in everything; the way a drop of rain glides down the branch of a tree, morning sunrises that are as different as a snowflake. That doesn't mean I walk around clicking my heels with a skip, jump, and a crazed grin on my face. I have trials like everyone else. I learn from them. Those difficulties are the honing skills that make us who we are and define what we do with who we are. My favorite writing weather is a mildly overcast day, especially in summer, the kind that lends itself to mystery and creativity.  

My writing journey is still in its infancy, so I'd like to invite you to come along. Let's find out where the journey leads, page by page, story by story. Every day is a blank canvas yet to be written.   

Photo by Danny Peragine

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