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Susan M. Fries

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I serve an amazing God who has brought me through the hell of a lonely, broken childhood into the presence of his love and into the new 'me' He is creating as I walk alongside him.

Retired Musician

I became a professional musician at the age of 19 after graduating from Bryant High School in Queens. That was the career I stepped into as school let out one final time. The yearbook question...what do you want to be when you grow up was answered for me.

God gave me these abilities and answered that question as he opened the road out of depression and despair that I so desperately needed.


I  dabbled in art all my life from kindergarten until today. I have worked doing freelance work, and what I call a 'personal gifts' creator. I like to make things for people who need some cheering up, or just for fun. I do airbrush and acrylic painting, sketches in various mediums, and customized 3-D gifts. That was the second on my yearbook list.

God answered that one.


Becoming an author was also on the list, before everything else.

God answered that one as well.


This wasn't on the list, it was a bonus.

God answers and honors the words you speak about yourself. Never speak negative words into the air...they have power. Speak only good.

As a self-taught individual, the road was not easy, especially digging out from some heavy emotional baggage. I'm proof that it can be done! 

If you are doubting you can do something...don't.

Follow me as I follow Jesus on these pages. If you want to know God and live with him in the new world to come, to learn about the God I know in a down-to-earth way...we can travel together. It isn't rocket science, it is simply about Love, Faith, Companionship, and Trust.